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Water in Ear  | Swimmers Ear

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Fish dont have ears -
protect your ears from water

If the ear Canal is narrower than normal, the water can not drain out as effectively,
causing water in the ear to 

Children's ears have a deeper inward canal and as they grow older the canal straightens out allowing the water in ear to drain out better. This is one of the causes that lead to many problems that children and  babies have regarding ear related problems. Like swimmers ear.

                 Aqua Ear
PROTECT THE EAR against swimmers ear
do not wait for the bacteria or fungus to become and infection
a few frops of Aqua E
ar WILL PROTECT YOUR EARS                                                                                 
Amounts of Bottles

The last thing you want to happen is being on holiday
and having ear problems mainly due to
water in the ear
surfer that can escalte to a bacteria or fungus and eventually ear infection in children or adults. Prevent these things from
 happening Aqua Ear is a natual combination
that can be used for all ages young and old.

Surfering  | Swimmers ear

Being in the Ocean with all the debree that is some times washed up on our shores can enter the canal and cause damage. Surfers are usually in the water for hours at an end,
 they sometimes use surfing suits to mainly protect them from cold weather, they put loads of colourful sun block on their noses and cheeks against sunburn but do they protect their ears?

Like said before not every-one is sensitive to fluids in ear, but it usually takes just one experience of ear ache to realize that you need to protect your ears more against swimmers ear.

We recommend AQUA EAR it is a water repellent product that will protect your ears. We are the only manufatures of swimmers ear protection